Resolutions Redefined is a community-oriented fitness challenge designed to help you achieve your goals in 2019. Athletes will coach one another, as well as team-up in pursuit of common goals. Teams may utilize any and all resources to accelerate their progress including the 446 Coaching Staff, online training platforms, and the soon to be released 446 Accessory Programs! Incentives will be provided for every goal that is achieved along the way.


  • Step 1: Athletes establish four health/fitness goals

    • The goals need not be categorized as three, six, and 12 months

    • However, there will be a three-month time limit for each goal

  • Step 2: Athletes take polaroids of themselves, then post the pictures and goals on the corkboard

  • Step 3: Athletes will seek out partners to work with in order to achieve one of their three goals

    • The 446 coaching staff will record each pair of athletes and the goals they are pursuing

    • Athletes may only assist one person at a time

    • Partners may pursue a common goal

  • Step 5: The teams will work to achieve the desired fitness goal

    • Athletes may only pursue one goal per three month period

  • Step 6: If the athletes achieve the desired goal within the three-month, that athlete and their partner will receive an incentive

    • Rogue Gift Card, Discounted Membership, etc.

  • Step 7: Select a new goal and repeat the process

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