CrossFit 446 prides itself on being the most professional CrossFit facility in Pittsburgh. We cater to the stay-at-home mom, nine-to-five desk jockey, grandparent, and elite-level athlete. Our staff is comprised of former collegiate athletes and exercise enthusiasts who take pride in helping our members with their fitness and health goals, no matter how small or large. We believe in professional training, hammering weaknesses, and accomplishing goals. Our community is a bloodline of support for health and fitness.

Our Coaches

We are fitness trainers. Our practice is more than just a job; it is our passion. Our clients are our top priority and their successes are our life's work—we are professionals. On the surface, our job is to shepherd our athletes (We view all of our clients as athletes regardless of their age or ability) toward physical prowess, but we recognize a purpose to our efforts and an impact on our athletes that transcends the physical.

Adapted from Greg Glassman's Professional Training

Meet our professionals below.


Amanda Brush

● Pursuing a Master of Science in Health and Fitness at the University of Pittsburgh

● Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University

● Interned at Reebok CrossFit One

● CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

● CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

● CrossFit: Gymnastics

Amanda’s Bio

I discovered CrossFit in 2012 when I was a sophomore in high school. At that time, I was looking for an exercise program that would best prepare me to play softball at the collegiate level. I was fortunate enough to attend a high school that had an incredible physical education program. The program ranged from every freshman performing a biathlon to participating in a school-wide Fitness Challenge where the fittest in the school were crowned. My physical education teacher owned a local CrossFit gym, so I decided to give CrossFit a try. After experiencing the high energy atmosphere and the comradery of the other athletes, I realized CrossFit was more than just a training methodology. The passion I developed for fitness lead me to study Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University and play Division II softball. The capstone of my Exercise Science degree was completing an internship at Reebok CrossFit One where I was able to work under world-class CrossFit coaches.

CrossFit has changed my life, and I am confident that it can change yours too. Health and fitness are multifocal and are meant to enhance all aspects of your life. True wellness stems beyond physical wellness including facets such as social and spiritual. Personally, CrossFit has set a tone for how I build relationships, my walk in faith, and how I approach my career. My experiences have allowed me to develop a passion for health and fitness which have positively influenced many areas of my life. It is my goal to use my passion and strengths to motivate and inspire those around me to live healthier lifestyles and be a positive change in our rapidly developing community. 




Tim HottenFeller

● CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

● CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

● Fire Captain for the City of Pittsburgh

● Owner of Crossfit 446

I am the owner of CrossFit 446 and have been doing CrossFit for over 6 years. I had the pleasure of being an instructor for Pittsburgh Firefighters CrossFit. We have trained 200 new recruits since 2013. Our program has been a success, many recruits could not pass our fitness test and after several weeks of our training most recruits were able to easily pass the fitness test to move on.

I’m currently a Fire Captain for the city of Pittsburgh. I have been a city firefighter for 20 years.

I served 4 years and was honorably discharged in the United States Air Force from 1993 - 1997 as part of the Security Forces Squadron.

I am married and have 2 girls 18 and 12. I encourage my girls to always keep fitness ans positive attitude in no matter what they are pursuing in there life.


Steve Cupec

CrossFit Level 1

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